Twelve breaths

by Aida Bode

The moon got pale,
turned into January

The gods were cold
and tucked inside February

I reached to catch the wind
it gave me March

It started to pour April, moist,
rebellious unstoppable for greenery…

May eavesdropped behind the moon,
safeguarding darkness and all the secrets of silences

Venus was pregnant, she didn’t moan
but smiled and gave birth to June.

July got drunk in Aegean
while I saw the Apocalypse

August sleeps with me
and doesn’t let the stars fall

The geese took September in their beak
and flew toward the South

October held its breath
and the air blushed with autumn

Come Dionysius, come and bring
November so that I can awaken my beloved

Why would Athena need wisdom
when she adorns herself with December?

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