by James Mc Elroy


Head injuries
The mind,
Part I,

And this is it:
The satiable
Suck – instamatic
Spasm – that finds
Itself buried
Deep inside
Each abused caress
While emphasizing,
Left and right, some
Unfirm/unquit sag,

Or, if preferred,
A cul de sac of
Facial desire
We like to call
Human squirm.


Part II ( in A
Head injuries
The mind,

Gets a lead
On some cuts
From ‘Let it Bleed.’

Next up,
Some Bad English
At or near boiling
And then Pound
Pound –

And this for
All you
Stud muffins –

A slice of
From somewhere
In “the house.”

That’s right,
Let’s do some
Sweet and sweaty
From way
Outside the hood
With one more
Standing brick in
The wall.


Head injuries
The mind,
Part III,

A disquisition
On blah:

The overheard of
Critics who talk
About talking about

A poet who might,
When the time is right,
Get down to writing

The ex-lives
And swollen faces
Of all our four-letter

Words; words which do
Their level best
To describe

The mysticism of eyes
Closed, the mystery
Of eyes open, or

The rhythmic sound
Of a 9 inch voice when
The “I’s” have it.


Head injuries
The mind,
Part IV:

In an endless with
Stones that seem
To grow, grow even
Smaller, in an unknown

The hard men – such
As they are –
Come into their own
Like mongrels who circle
Around before
Turning into a pack;

Proclaiming, as well
They might, the imminent
Appearance of blue, full-grown,
Nuns who cannot walk
On water.


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