Boston Poetry Magazine

Mike Jewett, Publisher and Editor

4 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Thank you so much for your comment’s, and letting me post my poems on your site. Dear Michael, some day I will publish a book and it will be dedicated to you as well as Tony and Paul, my boys. If not for you I would probably have just wrote away and left my words for someone else to see when I am not around. Words cannot express my gratitude, and my love for what you print for all of us. Long may Boston Poetry rein!!! With love, gratitude and many thanks.
    Val Lewis

  2. Good afternoon
    My name is Maciej Skalik (couldn’t be easier) because i’m from Poland
    If is that possibilities I want to put some my poetry at Yours webside.

    This is example of my poetry. If You want, we can stay in touch. You know my email.
    Maciej Skalik (which means Matt Rock ;D )
    (and i’m sorry about my english 😉 )

    I do not steal or kill
    and metaphors

    I fear for my soul

    I have a heart like a dove
    thorn sin

    despite this
    somewhere in his penultimate drawer
    is a quiet confidence
    about my Child’s Dignity

    I would like to come to terms with you
    lighten up the sky

    stretch out my hand
    than pretend
    I check to see if it does not rain

    Emil Zola

    you are the General’s own desires
    with very little effort straying across the universe

    you put your feet alternately with the green
    the extremely different shades of gray

    You know there is a light that does not fade
    can you go in there once by accident

    You know there is a light that does not darken
    but gently placed in the path

    the transitive dimensions you occupy the bench
    hold your thoughts firing pipe

    ask about an hour if wanted
    at what time you will fall head to the feet of the world

    you know that there are lights that are like fire
    around which there is no darkness at all

    and are the light that tame
    barricades shouting luminous silence


    you are the sky
    and on my knees
    is closer to you

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