Cathy Bryant

Cathy Bryant only started submitting her poems and stories to prove to her best friend,
who kept nagging her to get them published, that no one would want to publish them…
she was wrong! In 2009 she was runner up in the Woman & Home Fiction Prize, in 2010
she won the Marple Humorous Poetry Prize and in 2012 she won the Bulwer-Lytton
Fiction Prize, the Inspired by Tagore Prize, a Malahat Review Monostich Poetry Prize
and the Swanezine Poetry Prize. In 2013 she won the M.R. Jordan Short Fiction Contest
and a Creative futures Literary Award. Her poetry collection ‘Contains Strong Language
and Scenes of a Sexual Nature’ came out in 2010 and she co-edited Best of Manchester
Poets vols. 1, 2 and 3. Cathy’s a former blogger for the Huffington Post, her work has
been published all over the world and yes, she has bought her best friend a drink or two.
Cathy lives in Manchester, UK.


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