Dan Sanders

I’m a dreamer, a weaver of words, actor, picture maker, memory keeper. I’m still looking for answers to so many questions.

The stories, poems and images I present have been developing since birth. I spent 40 years as an “On-air personality” announcer DJ in radio.

My writing, blogging, and podcasting are a relatively new form of art to me. However, my desire to communicate my thoughts and feeling  are as old as the day I first cried and looked for the first time into my mother’s eyes.

I run two websites. http://www.creative-treehouse.com  and a podcast site at http://dbsanders.podbean.com/, these are the places where most of my work appears.

I have won a poetry contest at http://www.expatspoetry.com  and write a weekly blog and podcast that appears on www.KISW.com radio’s website.


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