Dušan Čolović

Dušan Čolović was born in 1934 in Orasac. He has graduated from the Belgrade’s
Divinity school “Saint Sava” and lives and works in Belgrade.

Čolović has published 17 books of poetry:
Promise, 1984; There is day, 1985; Tree of
lougeval wood, 1986; Ancestor satisfied
smile, 1987; Hunger of time, 1989; The first
year, the first day, 1994; We must say, 1995;
Talking about you, 1997; Language of corn,
2000; Track cleaned light, 2002; In icon of
soul, 2005; Orasac road, 2007; Echo of
infinity, 2008; The gates of light 2009; To the
Sons of the Celestial Secret, 2010; Milk of
Language, 2011; and Inside sky, 2012.

His poems have been published in more of 100 journals, collections of poems
and anthologies (like as Ekphrastia Gone Wild) and translated into many languages, like
as English, Greek, German, Swedish, Russian, Byelorussian, Spanish, Romanian and
Italian. He has won several national awards.

He has been published in such magazines as Sentinel Poetry, American Srbobran,
The Poetry Super Highway, LYNX, A Journal of the Poetic Arts, The Tower Journal,
Istanbul Literary Review, Kelaino, Thanal, Dear Sir, Nite-Writers International Literary
Arts Journal, BRICKrhetoric, Cerebration, SNreview.

Čolović is also known for his anthologies of Serbian patriotic poetry. He
published 6 anthologies of patriotic poetry. He is actively involved in the literary scene
of Serbia. Critics emphasize his crystallized precision and haiku-like, epigrammatic,
condensed expression. His play with language often makes it unfair to even attempt


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