Francesco Levato

Poet, translator, and filmmaker, Francesco Levato is the author of four books of poetry: Endless, Beautiful, Exact (Argotist, 2011); Elegy for Dead Languages (Marick Press, 2010); War Rug, a book length documentary poem (Plastique Press, 2009); and Marginal State (Fractal edge Press, 2006). He has translated into English the works of Italian poets Tiziano Fratus, Creaturing (Marick Press, 2010), and Fabiano Alborghetti, The Opposite Shore. His work has been published, or is forthcoming, in Drunken Boat, Versal, Otoliths, The Progressive, OmniVerse, Lightning’d Press, Certain Circuits, Moria, VLAK Magazine, Slope, SpringGun, Ping Pong, E-ratio, On Barcelona, Poets & Artists, Another Chicago Magazine, Poetry International, Xcp: Cross Cultural Poetics, Cordite Poetry Review, and LA Review. He has collaborated and performed with various composers, including Philip Glass, and his cinépoetry has been exhibited in galleries and featured at film festivals in Berlin, Chicago, New York, and elsewhere. He is the founder and director of the Chicago School of Poetics, holds an MFA in poetry from New England College, and is pursuing a PhD in English Studies at Illinois State University.


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