Megan Melonas

Raised in the small town of Johnsburg, Illinois, Megan Melonas always drew pictures of what she saw. But it was the moment that she gazed upon the nude statue Michelangelo’s David at age 5, that she became embarrassed. Her mother stopped her discomfort, and said the human body is to be viewed as beautiful, not obscene. This was her first exposure to a work of art that assured her to not be ashamed to stare. This was the first palpable moment of inspiration that stayed with her and fueled her creativity. Megan’s drive to draw and paint comes from all kinds of areas, but themes from nature, music or other artists seem to dominate her vision. Between doing portraits, she draws or paints other elements of nature like animals, or sometimes a surreal mix of both humans and animals. Mostly, her main passion is for the human face. She has a simple process, and her results are very straightforward. Her small portraits reflect a thoughtful sensitivity with special attention to the subject’s eyes to evoke emotion. They take only a few hours to complete. She enjoys working in a few different styles, but doesn’t want to be categorized. Her influences include a few of the classics, like Joannes Vermeer, Andrew Wyeth, Julian Schnabel, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Mary Cassatt. Megan painted in oil for many years, along with drawing in colored pencil. In early 2014, she decided to make a change and try watercolor. Now, it is her favorite medium to use. This August, 2014 she will be attending college for a Bachelors degree in Art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She is currently looking for gallery representation.


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