Smoke Signals by Cameron Lincoln

Smoke SignalsSmoke Signals by Cameron Lincoln is a scorching hot erotica novella about a photographer named Aaron Blackwell who sets out to make a name for himself in the smoking fetish community.

Blackwell’s day at the studio is filled with appointments due to ads he placed looking for models willing to take part in photo shoots where they would smoke cigarettes. He photographs model after model- French inhales, snap inhales, dangles, smoke rings; talks about his smoking fetish and how it started, and everything is going perfectly. Every ninety minutes another model comes in and smokes languorously in her own sensual way. 3:30 comes. The last model of the day walks in – Angel Drake. This is where the fun begins.

She was five feet, seven inches, and every inch of her was a delight. She had rich, sandy blonde hair swinging past her shoulders, naturally darkening towards the roots, a fringe covering a her bronze brow, almost touching her perfectly-lined eyes. Her nose was sleek, slightly upturned to give her an elfish charm, her cheekbones high and rose-tinted. The hourglass of her upper body gave way to delectable legs.

Not only does Drake know about the smoking fetish, but she has a smoking fetish. She was a smoking fetish dream girl. She knew every trick in the book, and she smoked Marlboro Reds, which produce thick, creamy, sexy smoke.

Angel gets Blackwell to tell her how he got his fetish. He gets into all the details and it ends with the girl, Marie, moving away. Then, Angel asks if he ever had his fantasy fulfilled. Before Aaron can answer, she chimes in.

You know, I escort, too.

Now, the real story gets moving. They wrap up and Aaron sets a time for her to come back that evening, having no idea what’s in store.

She shows up in leather, demands her money, is dominating. She teases him. Exposes her flesh little by little. Builds him up but doesn’t let him touch. Constantly smoking. Smoking in a wicked, erotic way. Out of nowhere she takes a mouthful of smoke, inhales, and takes his member in her mouth. She continues to build him up and then stops. She decides she wants to tell her story of how she got her smoking fetish.

“And then I’m going to let you fuck me,” she whispered.

We get some back history on a girl named Carly- a bit shy, a tad nerdy, and how she falls for one of the cool guys- he smokes, is popular with ever group, and is a bit dangerous.

This is the hottest part of the story. Carly’s coming of age, the discovery of her fetish, and what her and Andrew do together. When Angel Drake finishes her story, her and Blackwell get seriously hot and heavy.

If you like erotica, you’ll love this. Cameron Lincoln is great with dialogue and moving the plot. If you find the sight of a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette to be sexy, or, especially, if you have a smoking fetish, like I do, you’ll go crazy for this novella. I found myself tearing through it, just dying to read what happened next. It was honestly exciting.

All in all, I highly recommend getting Smoke Signals. If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously interested, and you’ll be glad you did.

-Mike Jewett

From the author:


Aaron Blackwell is a photographer with an eye for a marketable trend, and he’s determined to crack the lucrative landscape of online fetish photography. But his passion lies in more than just the monetary, and his own personal fantasies soon take the spotlight when Angel Drake wanders into his studio.

Angel has her own history with an addictive, intoxicating fetish, and she’ll reveal to Aaron the nature of her desire and tell the tale of how she went from being a naive girl to the confident woman before his lens. With cravings ignited, the pair realise they share a bond to vice that can’t broken, and embark on a night that will never be forgotten…

SMOKE SIGNALS is a smouldering novella exploring fetish, addiction and vice.

To Purchase Smoke Signals:
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