What kind of poetry is Boston Poetry Magazine looking for?
We examine all work received and accept that which seems best. We regret that the volume of submissions received and the small size of our staff do not permit us to give individual criticism.

Does Boston Poetry Magazine accept previously published material? What about simultaneous submissions?
Yes, we accept both previously published material and simultaneous submissions.

Is there a line limit or limit to the number of poems I can submit?
Currently, there is no limit.

Does Boston Poetry Magazine pay money?
Contributors will receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears as compensation. Individual rights revert to authors upon publication.

How do I submit my work to Boston Poetry Magazine?
You may email your work to

What file types can I submit?
Please submit files in one of the following formats:

Word document (.doc) files
Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
Text (.txt) files
Portable Document Format (.pdf) files
Directly in the body of the email

Poems should be separated by titles or page breaks. Please include all writer contact info in the submitted file or in the body of the email.

When can I submit to Boston Poetry Magazine?
We accept submissions year-round.

How soon can I expect to hear about my submission?
Out of respect for poets, we are doing everything we can to minimize response time. We will do our best to respond within 3 months from the day of receipt, but are sometimes slower in responding. Please be patient! It is our goal to make sure each submission gets a good read. Adhering to our single submission system will help ensure a timely response to your work.

Do I need to live in or be from Boston / Massachusetts / New England?
Not at all. We publish poets located worldwide.

Please ensure that you set your e-mail spam filter to allow mail from; otherwise notification regarding your submission may be marked as junk mail.

Do you accept standard mail submissions?
No, we currently do not accept mail submissions.

Copyright for all writing remains with the author. Boston Poetry Magazine reserves the right to alter the Submission Guidelines at any time. Boston Poetry Magazine retains the right to publish and archive submissions. We have the right to use your poem in promotions (in segments, or the poem’s entirety, as long as Boston Poetry Magazine gives credit to the author of the piece).

Boston Poetry Magazine also reserves the right to publish poems through an anthology composed of submissions.

Anyone contemplating a submission is encouraged to examine the magazine before sending a manuscript.

11 thoughts on “Submit

  1. You wrote: we accept simultaneous submissions. We only accept works that have been unpublished, published on personal blogs, or self-published pieces. Anything published in anthologies or elsewhere within the last six (6) months unfortunately cannot be accepted.

    Does that mean that if I have poems I’d like to submit, and they’ve not been published
    withing the last six (6) months, you’ll consider them?

  2. Hi there – Duotrope has stated that Boston Poetry is a ‘defunct’ market in their latest e-newsletter. Is this true? Have you gone? If so, what a shame, and thanks for all your work to bring fresh poetry to your readers.

    1. Hi Cathy. We have taken a bit of time off but are not defunct. In fact a few new pieces have been posted recently. Thanks for your support!

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