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Love Song N 9

by Alex Damov

Dirty thoughts of love
Carpool ride from work
How are you tonight
What’s new in the old world
Does still hurt a little
That which hurt a lot
Whatever happened dear
Happened and is not
Sun behind the thicket
Head of butchered calf
Only a tender feeling
That’s all there is to Love


Love Song N 7

by Alex Damov

Silent rises Assyrian beast
That’s it – farewell my plague my sin
I’ll let myself out while you sleep
Holy morning commute of the streets
On my tongue one last time
The body of lust spit it out fast
Angels here so pale and mean
Ferry me bus driver out this town
Hey stars I want to love another one

Morning Star

by Alex Damov

I am belovèd one, bestowed with gift of pride
Upon creating me he’s rumored to have cried
That was the first occasion, last would be
My disobedience, my choosing to be free

‘My heart’ he’d say ‘my sorrow, Morning Star
Be ever mindful of what it is you are’
He toiled away the days and spent with me the nights
We chatted over wine or silent rolled the dice

Love wouldn’t know eternity from hour
But all that ones was new by time made sour
I took my leave the threats and pleas in spite
I am belovèd one, the carrier of light