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by Anders Lundegård

As if I never lived
Yet tumbled through eternity

A whirlwind of nothing
Shall it be my destitution?

Feathers plucked day by day

A mountain filled with a silent past
Mirrored in vacant pools of residue

Shall you find a pile of pebbles –
That’s where nothing lies

Will the wind go unnoticed by –
That’s the breath of my memories



by Anders Lundegård

Who has been betrayed?
If not the waiter
Who has not been floored?
If not a rug

Who is not despised?
If not the bland
Who is not insulted?
If not a sweet

Who is not surrounded?
But just a ball
Who is not delayed?
But just a fall

Whom am I?
Nothing but a letter
What are U?
But just a letter too

Who is always away
But never on the road?
Where is the path not taken
But only left behind?

Where are seekers
not to be found?
Where is freedom
Never to be trapped?

I believe, in heaven
all things are just
When the earth is no more,
no beings are but dust.


by Anders Lundegård

Bring me back to sadness
Follow my path of grief
Walk me through those forests
Where diamonds are tears of leaves

Fetch me aging sagas
Tell me what once was told
Take me to living legends
Who’s honor has not been sold

Show me those ancient places
Where Romans and Vikings met
Mirror me deathless faces
Who’s stones have not been set

Stroll with me through meadows
Where grace springs from eternal soil
Rest beside tombstone shadows
Belit by everlasting oil

Upon my journey of lament
Sack my simple sum of grief
Ask no further where I went
My soul will drip from every leaf.