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In The Mirror

by Brandon Hyer

Growing impatient with the man
that is not in the mirror
he branched out, began appearing
unexpectedly on non
reflective surfaces. Suddenly
the man saw himself in the grass
and the loam, saw himself wrapped
in the delicate shawl of the wind. And in
the stars, always in the stars. He caught
ragged glimpses of himself
hidden in the dark noir
of the crow and within
the empty rooms of his lover’s
flesh. And surely if this man, this
paragon of eccentricity, should continue
to see himself in all these things
and more, so much more – the leaf
pro se in the courtyard, tobacco
waltzing through a lung –
then one day, when he is vanished
so completely, it will come
as no surprise that he has been spied,
at a great distance, he and his reflection,
tending the orchards of night.


The Man Who Would Be Mugged

by Brandon Hyer

He was dressed all in winter’s
marginalia and his loneliness. Other
than that, of course, he didn’t

have anything. He wanted
some stranger that would see something
in him worth taking, that would force

him to empty his pockets
at knife point, and their
expectation would create

what was there: a used
piece of light, perhaps, lamp-eyed
and lousy, or a gnarled

collection of chokecherries,
scumbled and cloying in their juices.
He wanted their expectation

to create a sliver
of something wild in him, an object
he would utterly miss
if only they would take it.

How to Hold Up the Sky

by Brandon Hyer

Plant your feet in the driest
of tundras. Since you’re going
to have a lot of free time

go ahead and use this vantage
to craft maps
detailing each crick and burrow –

the resting place
of field mice, the favored death-perch
of the hawk.

Consider the sparrow
divulging its secrets
near your torso, the raccoon

unexpectedly nesting
between your toes.
These are the creatures

to sacrifice for, to give up
tennis tournaments and groceries,
to forever abandon

the perilous ways of men.
Prepare yourself, instead,
to ignore

the rough husk of clouds.
Prepare yourself, hereafter,
for the crimson glacier
of dusk.