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by Christopher Mulrooney

the age demanded the age got anyway

whatever it had bargained for and then some did you say?

you never said that was the trouble that it?

even the subversive clowns and sly escape artists

were bowed down by the critique


what a piece of fortune for a young girl

by Christopher Mulrooney

the stakes are very high

on which the bloodied heads gape

it is the sun across the sky

a kind of median you cannot escape from

and all the witnesses are there to swear

each perfect in its type

Van Gogh’s crows

by Christopher Mulrooney

the symbolism is expressed in the brushwork of a few seconds etc.

a flick of the wrist and it’s done

not the dull cowboys at the bright supermarket

signifying where the posse is laid ambush for

in Yuma territory or thereabouts

or the girlish echoes of a ghost town in the West entirely imaginary

birds of night closing in on the day at the start