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Is there a cure

by Craig Kurtz

for suffering? The cure

for joy is probably next.

Emotional evolution.

Forget all that balderdash.

I will

be your

bird today.


Is there a cure for

doing the Charleston on the

railroad tracks? I don’t want

it. I know my ankle gets

twisted. I thought

that’s how

the dance

was done.


I want to dance w/ you. Let’s

break our legs



Is there there a cure for

flat affect? Call it color.

I need a new individual

service plan. You need a

new birthday.

Let’s meet in

the middle of

The Canterbury Tales.


Is there a cure for

typing these thoughts? Do

you want it? I’ll let you

typeset me. I will be

your bird today.

Can you show me

how you got the hang

of being you?


I want to fly w/ you. Let’s

break our hearts




by Craig Kurtz

Maybe you were

wondering if.

Maybe you

considered this.

Or perhaps you

presumed it when.

But that’s



It’s a limited time.


Maybe you figured

it flexible.

Maybe you

deduced test spin.

Or perhaps you

quantified out in.

But that’s



It’s nothing personal.


Maybe certain

restrictions apply.

Maybe option

didn’t happen.

Perhaps prohibited

where void.

But that’s



It’s protocol.


Maybe you untested


Maybe you

erroneously reset.

Or perhaps

one inch of song

can’t pollinate

half a rhyme.


Sorry. It’s policy.

My new favorite

by Craig Kurtz

word starts w/ a bang. How come

nascent ascendant, it’s like

birthday blip. Because is just

extemporized, fired up.

No reason except.


My new favorite now,

mirific, has accelerated

metabolism w/ a future. It

superannuates the top that w/out

a rest. It’s elastic.


My new favorite heard has extra

wattage, & how, plus it’s not even

yet. Laboratory lovely w/ oodles

of adhesive razzle-dazzle,

all bubble-buffed.


My new favorite blatant

got its magnetic application

from unexpected refinery. It’s ultra

anoetic & sealed w/

a suddenly.