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heebie jeebies

by Mike Jewett

Just      the political theorists     philosophers (Baudrillard,

Foucault, Derrida, Debord          )                      a sort

of self            prophecy. A manifestation       of

concrete action.      Quilapayun          realized  

            their spectrum            by dividing          

five                                               ideas on    many

                 as many people as 

                 collective mass organization.                 five

    directions                   five     projects      can

              fight     boredom   ,  death      sneaks into    

         life.                       the political manifesto     

               under the 

         concrete,                          devour     choke every

                bourgeoisie shackle               down.

So                          die to            rise from the ashes

                                   to take         a    

program when                 existence has       projected 

                           tradition           in expression and

                  dead for     too long.            

      be the                   coffin of the rotten cadaver  

                 , but                   reification was  

    us            with our                                boring

discourse. When                                 radical      ,  

                                       bought or sold like   

soda,                              you are going            to take

"   " seriously?      every           idea has    become   

                                   defined by disgusting

                                    selling of issues  

           of paychecks, how     we     show  

the situation?  

accumulate capital                          that will      kill

                 spontaneity               ,         we then

            create? When                                another

brick in the wall                                and "stars"  

                                     and                 being

                 nothing                            .  

                     geniuses                             play

         write       or something         boring  

     the widespread                   creation is  


      the rest                                  the system  

              continue           the             myth  

            by saying                 make it,  

work hard,                         uphold              good vs. bad

     (           good,                   bad)      we      uphold

                      the justification of it.      the   

          elite talks                    culture that tricks us

               that there is                 culture, without  

                            the              economical system.

When                another subculture with  

attributes         of        counter-culture, then 

die, to revalue the               we       .

Refused  broke        the   

                  last feeble attempt to break 

     the modern         production            upon us  

          in                                      October     .  

                     after            the       policeforce  

                     had enough.  

it was      a shock              that                       until

the last     .                                we finally  

create our      timespace                       powerstructure. The

                 manifest          of passionate              they

             scream "       be alive..." to                 useless

              private property.

So what    ???                      at every attempt, overthrow    

class         burn museums     to strangle the       lie  

     culture.                                        forces  


structure that alienates us                                     ,

smash the                               dress in outdated

               rules:                     demand revolution  

    now,         in some vague future      all reactionary  

                and                talking about.         every  

    every                manifestation of love,      confusion 

revolt. This is  

                   STUPID           who still  

           are                    never      together       and  

    never     to glorify                      . 

                             in our      /manifestos/       and  

that is not                    likely to get it       . WE

                                      BURN ALL THEIR  

REFUSED         we will no longer be tortured               of a

time gone    and     mythmaking                        incompetent

           offers  .         we         look        . We  

              win and                         to lose.

Idols of the Injury

by Bill Ectric

Idols of the injury,
dug in behind the least understood
motor plan information.
The vile abomination temporal lobes and
The four loathsome memory walls and
The four reasoning, arithmetic beasts
are found for all behind pain and planes.

Portrayed as a house,
Go in, function, cause blindness from
The house’s hearing spirit, judgment and
The court’s four bronze woes and
The functioning brain lobe wings,
Go in, hearing and perception,
I dig under door fronts, pain and plans.

Previously published in the novel Tamper