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I Got Lucky

by Dan Sanders

The first moan of life
Thrust from darkness into light
I got lucky

While living out a country song
Playing music all night long
I got lucky

And living in a rock and roll dream
Nothing was ever quite what it seemed
I got lucky

I’ve never had to live on the streets
And always had enough to eat
I got lucky

Though out my life or so it seems
With women, music, places, scenes
I got lucky

And now more years have passed me by
And not one extra day to buy
But I’m still lucky

And though I didn’t know it then
I see it now and start to grin
I sure was lucky


The shores of Styx

by Dan Sanders

A child cries from the darkness
Of a ghetto
A baby cries
And a child cries
And a mother cries
From the deepest part of Stygian
As a father dies
A war starts
Job ends
House is lost
Another father dies
The child grows
The child says why
But the man knows
Just as those before him
And so
The child sighs
The man dies
From the shoes of Styx
A baby cries again
Screaming out of the darkness
Crawling out of the gloom
Refusing to keep the circle
The child from the darkest recesses of Stygian
Screams I will fight
For light and though I may lose
And die alone in the dark
I will have created a glimmer
Of hope
As the man cries
The woman dies
And once again
A child rises from the darkness of Stygian
Screaming I will create light
And the circle remains

In the light of yesterday

by Dan Sanders

no waking hour
and again today
no bell
to end the night
and bring the light
to close
the pain
the night did bring
to end this bad dream
tomorrow will come
I pray it so
But yet it brings
another day on sadness row
against the curse of time
no matter the defenses
the consequences
death is the unavoidable nemesis
I sat today in a church
not my church
staring at the life size cross
of wood
with cracks in seams
it seems the cracks are the same
as in my dreams
sacrifice the blood
give up the body
lose the life
the heart breaks
splits like the wood
yet life goes on
it has no choice
Just as the cross does not fall
It has no choice
It hangs by its strings
tethered to the ceiling
away from the fool
but reaching neither
so it hangs instead
as if trapped between heaven and hell
It never fell
its cracks showing the assault of time
like the body as it gives in
too many days too many nights
too long the fight
too small the hope
life cracks and splits like wood
the cracks
healing not
left in heart
hang on
no place to go
But the journey continues
left hopeless to begin or end
only to hold on and wait
the waves of time
until the final lonely minute
takes me under
then I too will know
The secret of the cracks