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by Deborah K. Sweet

Family Ties have been broken
Years have fled and none have spoken
The talking stopped years ago
And reasons why we’ll never know
But death has made us meet again
When all around relations feign

Around the casket they look on
As christ’s soldier passes on
There they meet eye to eye
Ne’er to say hello goodbye
They part with such resiliency
that constantly amazes me
and family ties remain disclaimed
until death destines us to meet again

And what of ours soon begotten
when elders pass
and reasons why relations broken
are all lost and forgotten
will we rob them of their flesh and blood
and all that could be of their kindred

we are different you and I
we know not all the reasons why
and care we not to understand
all that is the matter
the years are many between our meetings
yet there is no hesitancy with our greetings
mistake me not for foe
but forever your constancy
within our divided family



by Deborah K. Sweet

Two willow trees stand side by side
He all groomed, she the blushing bride
he stands tall, firmly planted in the ground
she, her willows weeping from the joy she’s found

They make their vows to the sky above
in the fields on Allandale they commit their love
they promise to bloom here side by side
year after year they will abide

The robins sing their wedding song
the bluebirds and the cardinals sing along
the breeze lifts the blossoms up on high
blowing gently on air like rice in the sky

The breadth of his branches will shelter her
The length of her willows will shade him
For years to come they will deepen their love
as the roots intertwine and sustain them

The guests from the henhouse squawk with delight
and the butterflies dance to new heights
the bees are a buzz as they pollinate love
and sun starts to fall out of sight

The star-studded sky
twinkles on high
as romance now swirls out of sight
and the moon all aglow
as he winks a good know
the love on a honeymoon night.

On Walnuthill

by Deborah K. Sweet

On Walnuthill
Where spirits lay
The serene path
Sets out to lead me
A heavy scent of pine rises high
And ledges of puddingstone
Merge with the sky
The crisp air brushes my face
With a loving gesture of love that passed
I walk with pine needles and painted leaves beneath my steps
And the loud “crack” of acorns falling about
Peppering my way
There are the maples and oaks
with their grandfather feet stepping out to greet me
and mossy hills
with flags unfurled
that stand at attention and salute me
and the granite stones
with the names I’ve known
Remember me…

The Secret Staircase

by Deborah K. Sweet

There she stands
Oh so still
From Mt.Walley Ave to Hilltop Hill
Her curve and grace etched in stone
Seemingly she stands alone

With each and every stair and rise
She holds a sweet and dear surprise
The secrets that she’s never told
Of lover’s stories new and old

Scrolled and rolled beneath each step
There are love notes that were never sent
Wishes that were never told and
Dreams that dreamed far too bold

Edged by myrtle and the vine
Wrapped up neat by sheer design
Shes kept them all beneath her tread
Like the treasures of a friend

Slowly winds her gentle slope
Each step you take a step of hope
Each wish you wish she wishes true
Each dream you dream she dreams you’ll do

Quietly she’s stood there preened
For timelessness and in between
Among the pines and oaks she’s stood
The secret staircase in the wood.