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Kentucky Fried Chicken

by Doug Holder

I once tried to reconstruct the bird
I took the brittle bones
from the bucket
and tried to piece
together the puzzle.
My hands fitting
bone and marrow.

I cupped the
proud arc
of its breast
sent flakes
of breadcrumbs
like crusty moths
flitting down to the bottom.

But of course I could never capture you
Oh! Bird in the Bush.

What made you cluck?
What made you fuck?
All we have are bones
we are out of luck.


Her back is to me, as she faces the sea

by Doug Holder

Her back is to me
as she faces the sea..
I know her emerald eyes
and where
she longs to be.

On the crest of waves

raven hair splashing

like flaxen seaweed
on the rocks

And in her wake
she will reinvent herself

Her back is to me
as she faces the sea.
She grasps the fleeting,
wizened hand
of the tide…
she knows
it is meant
to be.

I call to her
but her back is to me.
I can see
her slowly
drifting out
to sea.