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Autocorrect: no sorrows

by Eloisa Amezcua

mother here
you and i
is us
(red underlined
left behind
in a place
only you
can call
your source
i am still
la gringa
unable to roll
my R’s
the tracks
rolling away
beside us
we drive north
the 95
winding through
slack roads
your home
to mine
distant as
the spanish
and english
in me
enemies i am
most days
with in between skin
mexicana in
me paled
by this
nosotros becoming no
sorrows we
us you and i


we talk

by Eloisa Amezcua

you tell me it cuts
like a spoon
it’s not the instrument
but the force behind it

i say there are
no good ones
but you tell me
i’m too critical
of the apples

you urge me
to quit doctoring
them with tape
i’ve ruined my
childhood photos

i think human
flesh would taste
like beef
but you say pork
another white meat

you say i live
in rituals when
blotting my night-
cream (right cheek
left forehead chin
nose neck)

i see a strange
freckle on my hip
but you know me
better than i do
you kissed it last
night and a hundred
times before X marked
spot my body your map