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Of the Correction Relative to Degrees

by Francesco Levato
[ from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’) ] 1.0b12

I suspect we began at the wrong end,
as if all that boundless extent were natural
and undoubted possession, where others arise
from expectation, proceed from foresight of the end,
or the difference between a thing happening, and hoping
that some change would take place in the atmosphere.


Observations on Sulphuric Acid and its Combinations

by Francesco Levato
[ from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’) ] 1.0b11

He talked of Geneva, of the freezing of water,
that some counted their years by the coming of certain birds.

In equidistant periods, if appearances were constant,
they would serve for measure as well were the motion away.

Of accounts and accounting, in bills or books,
what we call items, they called names, extended
the word ratio, to the faculty of reckoning.

As for poetry, it is evident that it has several points in common
with tragedy, that together with presupposed incidents complication
includes the seizure of the child, and that in turn of the parents;
and all from the indictment for the murder to the end.

Nomenclature of Several Constituent Parts

by Francesco Levato
[ from kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘to burn’) ] 1.0b10

In one corner, near a small fire, a man leaning his head on his hands,
an absurdity numbered amongst the many sorts of madnesse, of worldly lust,
each arising out of structure, so as to be consequence, necessary, or probable,
to understand the nature, manner, and extent of inconstancy,
a point in progress where a chorus of comedians is officially granted,
a signification of our words by which they register conceptions,
that which they never conceived.