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Five Haiku

by Adjei Agyei-Baah

drifting cotton clouds
the sickle moon
harvests all alone

gradually unseating the pond skater
from his water throne
harmattan winds

shea butter market
sellers hold the sun
in water sprinkles

May rains drop-
the bamboo fence
free from termites’ plaster

end of the road-
railway track runs
into earth


by Nolo Segundo

Losing her, a dream,
Winter ravaged my soul.
The snowman melts.

Solitary bird,
Why sing you only of spring
Outside my window?

I stole a flower
From nature’s bed, bottled it.
Now it is dying.

The crunch of brown leaves
Tells me nothing whatsoever
About decay, death.

It is November—
But the air forgets that as
The wind dances spring.

Winter is most real,
Fall is most sad, summer holy,
But spring is a dream.