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Why You Can’t Bullshit A Philosophy Paper

by Jason Visconti

There’s a line I remember in a poem
About thinking quietly alone in a studio

In the shade of good judgment–
The line goes on to milk the craft of the writer,

How can he prop up a veritable judge?
Slam his hands on the table telling a popular fable?

In any case the moral is already won.



The Agony Of Being Turned Away At The Circus Tent

by Jason Visconti

It was my dream to perform
Me an other worldly being

Not quite part of the pack–
I wouldn’t have minded

If they congregated and moved on
Leaving me teased by a stray trapeze:

And as much as I would have liked to grasp the pinnacle
I would have settled for hours of teetering back.


Why I Didn’t Attend My Funeral

by Jason Visconti

I knew it wouldn’t turn up

Or even a smidgeon of grief–
Everything off the letter

When the eulogy begins to presume a rhythm
(Even in the box my counterpart snorts)

The masses refusing to weep
The consummate dialogue blunted by second-take tilts of the cheek

And always a pause in the orator
You and I both create.