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Status Quo

by Kristin G. Kelly

You and I know
The pain of the
Status Quo.

And in fact, I’m guessing
He won’t go into rehab
She’ll never go to church
They won’t draw steady pensions
She’ll keep on giving birth

He’ll still have sordid nightmares
She’ll deny that he won’t work
The four walls of their sorry lives
Will quantify the hurt

That he’ll never get a job
She won’t go back to school
He’ll never pass his class and
She’ll die without the truth

That men and women are different
That force comes in many kinds
That forgiveness comes too easy
That words are a waste of time

They’ll continue to break each other
Steal the words from easier times
He’ll write down that they were happy
She’ll deny it every time.

She’s reconciled to madness
Even clarified the line
Between bitterness and sadness
Between eternity and time.