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by Kyrene Blake

Amid celebration of athletes and friends
A hand, to destruction, the Devil did lend.
Three innocent hearts were taken away
By two brothers in Boston on Patriots’ Day.
Twas the perfect day for that Marathon run.
A sweet breeze to cool the springtime sun.
Spectators shouting encouraging words,
Until that Nightmare’s roar was heard.
Our defenses were down, it was our time to play,
Never expected a bomb on Patriots’ Day.
Ten seconds of confusion and blind fear passed,
Until Boston was rocked by a second blast.
By that time, we knew it clear,
That Terror had found its way up here.
Citizens broken, and screaming, and scared.
Families praying that loved ones were spared.
Before the dust settled, before danger was done,
To the scene of the crime our Heroes did run.
The police and the Guard, and citizens too,
Ran into the fray to see what they could do.
The blood and the tears didn’t scare them away,
They just rushed to save lives on Patriots’ Day.
The villains, the fiends, will learn they were WRONG,
For as the heart of New England, Boston is STRONG.
With just Pride and our Spirit, we made history
Willing to war over taxes on tea.
We will have vengeance, the culprit will pay!
For daring to strike us on Patriots’ Day.
An attack on civilians is the lowest of low,
He will follow his brother- to Hell he will go!
They chose their own path, sealed their own fate
Setting a bomb next to a BOY of just EIGHT.
Within days every runner, every friend, every Mom
Was searching the photos for ‘WHO set the bomb??’
Determined to see they would not get away
With the evil they did on Patriots’ Day.
The faces were plastered all over T.V.
And seen by a cop who patrolled M.I.T.
A strong Boston Officer, young but brave,
Another short life the pair sent to a grave.
The brothers took off, authorities hot on their tail,
Who knew it wasn’t an option to fail.
Trailing explosions and bullets, they fled.
And before morning light, the leader was dead.
The younger reversed, ran his own brother down,
And took off on foot through old Watertown.
With every door locked and every street clear,
Citizens stayed home in faith, not in fear.
Knowing the Best of Boston would catch
That infamous, heartless, soulless wretch.
And soon it was true, we were able to say,
‘They caught him! The Terror of Patriots’ Day.’
Though he was wounded, answers we’ll hear
What they thought they would gain through violence and fear.
We buried our dead, we’re healing our wounds,
Thankful we stopped these Demons so soon.
We’ll say it loud- Remember it long!
Don’t MESS with us- We’re BOSTON STRONG!