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by Laura Crowe

Deafening silence, what a beautiful oxymoron.

When I sit and get lost in my thoughts the silence

overcomes me. My eyes squirm under my closed

eyelids, because the silence is buzzing in my brain

and echoes in my skull. This silence maddens me

and I cry out “For the love of God make it stop!”

But the loudness of silence is soon replaced by the

loudness of this wretchedly beautiful city.


The duality of the human body

by Laura Crowe

Two vital organs inhabit a person’s body.

The heart and the brain. The brain allows us

to think rationally and with logic. It helps us

to think things through before we act. The

heart on the other hand, goes against the brain

and acts out. It is what makes us passionate and

willful. These two polar opposite organs work

against each other inside the same person.