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the purple man

by Linda M. Crate

mountain laurels
purple as a pomegranate sunset
grow on your heart
trees grow not so tall as you
sunshine and their gold
hymns couldn’t cut through your
despair if they tried;
sitting lonely in a plastic chair
even when the sun sings
his laughter to your life there is
nothing that cuts through that frown
as if it were permanently etched
on your face because you’re really a drawing
in life’s book that everyone thinks is
real — i tried so hard to make you smile,
but your dreams couldn’t break through to me
only the despondency of your eyes;
throw me a fragrance that you know that
isn’t tainted by melancholy, i tried so hard to make
your heart smile as we held hands —
however, it became apparent that if i didn’t
let you go i would be miserable as well
and i couldn’t be the wife of a
pomegranate man
because i was born to be a star blazing
through the farthest galaxy, to sing
a song with the furthest star.


love grants wings

by Linda M. Crate

i don’t know what hope is anymore
all the rainbows have been shot out from underneath me
spokes turn, but i’m moving nowhere fast
you were a dream come true,
but you were pulled away from me by a witch
who claimed to be good; her sunset garments actually
blacker than indigo night for i have tasted
the crimson of the sun, and it’s not so bitter —
i wanted to build a future
better than the design of the one i was born into;
this dark age wasn’t getting me down
until i was left in the place i was once raised,
my angst was reawakened when i arrived here and
sadness settled on my brow;
you were the light that guided my heart home,
now i am without flame or candle
in a place darker than mouth of trees —
the dawning of the age to come
worries me; i thought that i’d be spending it by your
side, and though you still love me sometimes
love is not enough to keep the smile on my face i
promised to give if only for you,
and i wish that you could see how deep my
love truly was if you did you would see that sending
me away was an impossibility, you would
have fought harder to keep me;
that is neither here nor there because it can’t
change what happened, it only leaves
a bitter taste in my mouth —
let’s leave this world behind, travel to the farthest star
and make a nest in that galaxy
because love is the most powerful of magics
it will grant us wings for wherever we want to go.


by Linda M. Crate

jagged edge
disconnected from the rest
that’s where i’ve always been
resting in that place where
when and there linger,
ever wondering if now would
flow a savior to rescue me from
drowning in these tides of
introspection that swallowed me
so thoroughly with their hold,
i flower words so beautifully
as some women do conversations
while i stumble awkwardly over
the words i mean to say;
i know what to say it’s the dialogue
that feels awkward in my mouth
like a needle in the proverbial haystack
it feels as if it doesn’t belong —
once i shown as brightly as a star,
but now i just want the world washed
away from me; so open up the skies and burn
it all away so i can remember my former
glory, of all the beauty beheld in
an indigo black midnight —
time moved on again, and new worlds
began; oh, my heart aches to be a part of
one where moments last where
momentum isn’t used against me, my
soul is tied to the next world so
why can’t i be tethered there, too?
for in this place i’ve only known alienation
and apathy colder than the fatal frosts of
winter kissing autumn’s plants;
i only want to shine.

broken promise

by Linda M. Crate

i am a mountain
you are a promise
broken as the wings of
half-eaten butterflies
staining every withering
laurel; birds are the
death of everything they
ravage land and claim
it as their own —
judgment day’s not coming
soon enough; the scorn
in your eyes burned straight through
my rib cage frightening the birds
away, for every suffering and hurt
let vindication sway her flag
impale you straight through the
heart; so the crows can carry off your
innards, and peace can flow it’s
river through me once more —
don’t want to suffer your foolishness
anymore, nor your obsession
with killing my spirit; our love was
a momentary thrill that ended
in wilted mountain flowers and fires
that eroded my heart to pieces —
one day you will feel that pain by
someone you love until then
get off my hills, pluck your fingers from
my flowers because i’ll send my birds
to gouge out the death of you
ever sooner if you stay.

jigsaw puzzle

by Linda M. Crate

i find pieces
of him in
music from the
intrinsic beauty of
unspoken words
betrayed in the
depths of moving pictures;
when the rain falls it
always washes all of me away
until only he is remembered
in my bones,
and i am an observer of my own
life and i find pieces of myself
i don’t like so i let him
pluck them away
throw them into the sun
burn away my favorite shades of
indigo to adopt one instead
of canary yellow or
crimson sunsets lilted in lily petals —
blue has no place here
except in his bruised eyes
only broken by
ivory hymns of white lilies
pretending to be clouds.


by Linda M. Crate

i felt today
before it came
a grotesque
feeling like spiders
crawling and yawning
over the flesh
biting and sinking
poisonous thoughts into the
flesh wanting to explode
your insides into insects,
but i tried to push it aside after
twenty six years of bad luck
one day ought to be good, right?
no, no, no! it doesn’t quite
work like that the universe assured
me; joy isn’t a necessary commodity and
breathing is something you can tax —
just charge it to my credit card
money is a luxury i can’t afford and it’ll
come before the payment’s due;
if not you can collect it from the entropy
burning me, goodness knows i’m rich in stress
and troubles flowing down every river
that sings my name;
i felt today before it came and i should’ve
known it would suck; it’s the bad
sex scene that makes your parents cringe when
you’re over eighteen because that’s just
not how one partakes in the act —
convincing just isn’t convincing anymore i should’ve
listened to my feeling, it never steered me wrong
before but i’ve always been such a doubter.