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by Michael C. Rush

Or there are images that are not visual
Or it’s on the tip of my
Or the part of the brain that recalls words
Or dissipating networks
Or parthenogenesis
Or agreement, acceptance, approval
Or the bilateral is not always bidirectional
Or this inspirational conversation
Or the ritual decoration of the uneasy
Or to satisfy the criteria
Or one grants rights never expecting to rescind them
Or if you don’t question, you are a sucker
Or a non-polemic understating the undesirables
Or I will concede that I am only playing games
if you’ll do the same


Suggestion, Recommendation, Injunction

by Michael C. Rush

Centuries striving for inhuman perfection born
of human imagining—time now to realign
to the desirable achievable, that is, the real.

There is a moment when the possible still is—
and then, gone.

We curse others for their irrelevance
while conducting our own death march
through a vale of mirrors.

Even if you manage to skulk through life
with the least-possible damage,
you are still destroyed.

What do we intuit that we lose through
cooperation that we avoid it so,
playing off each other’s thwarted hopes
and impacted disappointments?

Loss is the only transgression worth mentioning.
We must preserve what the desperate need
despite the devious who take advantage,
gathering jewels of cruelty.

Punishment is never appropriate, only pleasing.
So save love, save hope, save forgiveness.

Why do you name the unknown luck?
You still don’t know it
and now you’ve maligned it.

Ask not for condemnation, but for help.
Once one starts to self-cannibalize,
there’s rarely much incentive to stop.

Real Luxuries

by Michael C. Rush

provocative thoughts
in repetitive rhythms

competitively interesting
echoes of overlap

an easy

a folie à deux
in beautifoul sextremism

everything bigger except smallness,
everything more intense except subtlety,
everything…except everything else

real luxuries may not be essential
but are never superfluous,
never capricious


by Michael C. Rush

we attend the glorification of failure,
it makes us feel better

garbage is divine
because it was once desired,
chosen, it once inspired

the stink, the rot, is never far off,
background to helpful fragrance

we love as if we could
confine toxicity to one another

as if we could not
be complicit in the pretense
of significance

it is time that you think
it is time that, you think
it is time, that you think

how did the brain promote
preference into pleasure?