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Shadow Box

by Mike Jewett

I got you
a shadow box

with a mirror

for Christmas.

Let darkness free
into deep wood;

let it reflect


Luna Moths

by Mike Jewett

Moths frozen to the bark
of hundreds of trees
thaw in the warmth of the day.

By nightfall,
crescent moonlight
shines on dust motes

crucified to wood.

Specks glimmer,
beginning to hatch-

lime-green luna moths

from wingdust eggs,

edging off of oaks,

the night skies,

in search of sap
or cinnamon.

By lighted sliver
they feed

on sugars
and moonbeam
stopping only to freeze

nights later,


dust to dusk,
whispering along,

to the soft soughing
of pines.

Bath Salts, Miss Othmar

by Mike Jewett
Inspiration by Joshua Mehigan​​

From a room away
I thought Snoopy’s
high-pitched growls

and vocalizations
were the screams
of the Zuni

fetish doll
in Trilogy of Terror.
I was very excited.

But now it’s children
using polysyllabic

which just reminds me
of when I lived
in Park Slope.