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Full of Emptiness

by Nimra Mehmood

No one knows
What we had
What we were
What we could have been
Not even us
Seasoned with insanity
Your ghost
Sinking into every wrinkle of my body
And these unsolved riddles
Have consumed my mind
My time
and my heart
Leaving no room for anything
Or anyone


Holy F***

by Nimra Mehmood

I heard from an old friend
That you’ve found religion
In a bible
And the church
Where we laid
In the lawn
When the pastors were gone
And those seven deadly sins
Walked the corridors
And met us behind
That boulder
To exchange warm hellos
With your shadowed spirits
On every faithful Sunday
You’ll search for ways
To be saved
Only to remember
How those whispers that night
Tasted of such sweet venality
And no amount of
Holy water
Will free you
From the demons that live
In that vacant outlet
Rooted in
Your ribcage


by Nimra Mehmood

But it’s love
I say
Staring up into the eyes of a monster
But it’s love
I proclaim
As your moans clobbered my apprehensively articulated refusals
But it’s love
I argued to myself
As you impoverished my already weak hands
Oh, but it’s love
I screamed in silence
As the hands on the clock froze in unison with mine
It is love
You assured me
When you took my body
As yours

Worth it (I’m Sure)

by Nimra Mehmood

And I cannot help
But to wonder
In your heart
You kept me
(As you claimed you always did)
When your hearts worked as one
And where
My ghost roamed
(The one that you claimed haunted you)
When your fingers memorized
The curvature of her
And how
Your eyes
(The ones you claimed only search for mine)
Met with hers
Off of the reflection of cheaply tinted glass
And how
Deeply you inhaled
Into your lungs
(The ones I filled so sweetly with love)
(I know I did)
The mixture of sweat and lust
And how
The love I sent
Missed your heart completely


by Nimra Mehmood

I lost you
So I immersed myself in all things holy
Running from your ghost
But you continued to haunt me
And I found you
In the foam of every cup of coffee
That kissed my lips almost as sweetly as you did
In the songs played over the radio
All of which turned out to be about you
Songs, that floated to my ears only to whisper your name over and over
So I ran
In the name of all things holy
Praying to a God I never believed in
Until my face turned blue
Only to realize
The true difference between a ghost