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Cigar Room

by Nova Longhurst

I sup upon his sweet perfume
I Bathe in his body’s delight

I consume what his eyes devour
In this smoke gazed midnight hour


24 lines for the 24 seconds of vacuous productivity at 2.40pm in the afternoon

by Nova Longhurst

2, 40 and 6.
2.40 is the time
It has been twelve hours since I left this bed
That is exactly half the day given to rest
With only 6 eggs in my fridge
I will have to at least eat scrambled eggs

Should it be a late breakfast, brunch?
Or is this meal now consigned to a mid-hour lunch
Or perhaps even equates to an early dinner,
Which is usually had at about 18:00 hours.
9 minutes past is usually when it reaches my mouth,
And 24 minutes later, again I am out like a light.

If only my body was as switched on as my mind.
I would have conquered Everest,
I would have swam the English Chanel.
Without those 6 eggs,
Preceded by 2 cups of coffee,
And chocolate toffee, I am an invalid.

We are at 19 lines of this 24 line poem.
And those 6 eggs still tempt me from my bed.
Hair all askew except 4 hairs, neatly curling ’round my ear.
A haircut is positively in order,
But with only 12 hours left in the day,
This line, 24 of those hours is surely over.