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by Peter Victor

Cold and fast
And living
And dead


All encompassing
All Embracing
Perennial being

Vital to all
And is killed

She then
Will form our tears

Ever changing
Never the same
Providing guidance
A model
That goes unnoticed

Only she
Body, mind and soul
Provides life
Goes unnoticed

But killed

This perennial being
She then
In death
Will provide our tears


Then and Now

by Peter Victor

Your bathing suit on the passenger floor
Of the Audi

“Can you get this please?”
As you bend to show the clasp
Of your top

A warm embrace
A radiant face

Two spirits

In space
In time

Shadows taking shape
In my mind

Then and now
And will be

All running together
In harmony

Pulling Weeds

by Peter Victor

Digging deep
She feels the weeds
Prying and pulling
With dirt under nails
Making pain

She works
Prying and pulling

She works with care
Lest she damage
New green shoots

Gone-by plants
She pulls both
While stepping around

New green growth
Feeling their life
In both her heart and soul

She can see
In minds eye
She knows will come
On the plane of time

Reaching gently
To a tall perennial
She plucks a blossom
To her face

Inhaling deeply
She fills her lungs
With present
And future past

Such a wonderful smell
She opens
Both her heart and soul

Light on her face
Now old and new
Brings a smile

With perfect balance

She bathes and rests
In color laden fragrances
Of mature blossoms
And new green sprouts

The sun shifts
The moon peeks
Looking over
Mountain rim

The sun winks
Says goodnight

Seasons turn
Her smile tightens

She sees and starts
Plunging fingers
Through soil black

Digging deep she
Pulls new weeds

She works with care
Lest she damage
Tender new shoots

Letting Go

by Peter Victor

The clouds were of a mixed gray
Moving and reforming
Ever so slow

Blood – dried blood
He licked at with his tongue

The brown and dead leaves of autumn
Wet brown leaves
Held the back of his head

His eyes moved
To the swaying bare trees

Swaying in unison
And at one with the clouds

He felt odd
And did not fit
In this perfect puzzle

His head moved
Up off the leaves
And he knew pain
A dull throbbing pain

He lifted his hand
Held it in front of his eyes
Such a good and loyal friend

His head dropped
Back to the wet leaves
His hand found the center of his belly
And rested

He could hear the distant roar of the river


A leaf released its hold on a thin high branch
Atop a tall swaying tree
And dropped
Swirling and circling
Ever so slow

The roar of the river moved closer
As the clouds turned and gazed

His tongue again moved
Over a broken upper lip
His hand lifted
And dropped
On the center of his belly

The roar of the river
Moved into his head
Pushing away the pain

The clouds lowered
Brushing the leaves from his hair

His eyes moved to the trees
They locked hands and swayed

He heard a distinct pop
As his piece of the puzzle snapped into place

He gently released his hold
On a thin high branch
And dropped
Swirling and circling
Into the river