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The Cosmic Aztec Bribe System

by R. W. Haynes

Cuauhtemoc crossed the river, his hopes were high,
And how his prospects glittered in the sun
As he organized his wishes and said good-bye
To all the pyramids of gold he had won!
“No friction, no traction,” he said quietly,
“No conflict, no action,” and, when he had found
A place he could defend easily,
He built cash connections with everyone around.
And when the moon shot down a storm of rays
To poison this king, and Orion frowned,
And gravity tweaked and twisted the earth for days,
The chief hummed along with that ferocious sound
And sometimes rose and danced now and then
And sang “No friction, no traction,” once again.


The Wiser Navigation

by R. W. Haynes

Watch out for the fatal idea. It usually
Is just obvious, and seems not to care.
That’s how it gets you when you get there
And see it nobly nodding carelessly,
So vulnerable without your protection
And needing, so much, a courageous friend,
A true Socrates, loyal to the end,
To escort it in a heavenward direction.
And then, bingo, you’re caught by this disease
And, frothing at the lips, though elegantly,
You dismiss all other ideas suddenly
As your eyes glaze over and your neurons freeze.
O Thersites, tie yourself to the mast
When you see an idea, and sail on safely past.

La Belle Dame Avec Merci

by R. W. Haynes

Is this poor grace, to take this invitation
Reluctantly, not daring to turn it down
Because the force a fresher mind once found
Is still there, somewhere, fostering creation?
Does gratitude always sputter away so,
Croaking its expiring indignation
Against betrayal and prevarication—
And if it does, must we then say so?
If this weary, treacherous mind will bend
And fit itself stiffly to its vocation,
Will blessed rain cascade sweet elation,
Deterring death’s nearly realized end
And bringing me to my appointed station
As sentinel of signals of inspiration?

The Pharisee’s Jolt of Wisdom

by R. W. Haynes

Strong words blow up from this embitterment
And take direction as a natural flow
Of energies which turn coherent as they go
And bring new images of dominant content:
All the complication of a stunning play–
Performed by brilliant actors in a place
Where Dionysus shouts as his greyhounds race
And jeweled queens embroider birds all day–
Emerges shaped more finely than the hand
Can make, the heart, untouched by light
Beyond itself, can know; a sudden sight
Empowers the grasping mind to understand
Beyond ideas, formulas or themes
Familiar to common thought and worn
Almost to nothing, but sense, newly born,
Brings disturbing, invigorating dreams,
Although the Pharisaic mind still hates
The way this vision still interrogates.

Though Fear Hides Itself

by R. W. Haynes

Though fear hides itself at the sight of force,
Force is unreliable, but fear,
Though it hides at times, will persevere
To the last glimmer of one’s last resource.
But when it is out of sight, we do find
Forgetting it a hedonistic treat
And thus a careless, casual defeat
Of this eternal plague of peace of mind.
Pass the cornbread, then, I’ll have greens
To celebrate this cosmic revelation,
And add, for this defiant celebration,
Some fried chicken, gravy, and fresh snap beans.
Like a doomed hero, drawing his last breath,
I wave my greasy fork once more at Death.

The Amiable Surveillance

by R. W. Haynes

As a river flows, so does the living train
Of words move quietly through the dark night,
The gloomy mists craving cleansing rain
Themselves where they hold off the light,
Envious of substantiality
Escaping to submerge its silent force
Where dawn redeems, yawning carelessly,
And cold oblivion replaces hot remorse.
“If I defy abstraction,” she meditated,
“And attack this universe with just my M.F.A.,
Will no Muse murmur that I should have waited
Till my inexperience had dribbled away?”
“Patience, honey,” called a Miltonic voice,
“For patience is honey, and Death is its source,
And poetry eludes deliberate choice
Till mortality offers no other recourse.
Those with ears to hear know what it takes
To sort out true voices and dodge mistakes.”