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The James Caird

by Robert Barry Tipping

On the floe home and the boats at a mile, three of them, 2pm
James Caird held steady the clear open pool charged
The ice driving impaled to the east, sunk on the waiting mouth
Oh how fragile the snow and the sense of danger
The sea unfathomed ice floating
As the day is marked and long destined to be caught by night
The crash of knots sprinkle the tidal spray
A berg reached torn on the mass swell and cracked in flurries of stars and snow
I felt at peace


The Tomb

by Robert Barry Tipping

Who are you? with your destiny of doom.
You wield your will with a stick in a back to front act of cruelty
Embalmed as duty evil blind
In a universe of ancient truths secure In a shadow forever.

Who are you? in shape and form you make no sense
Or justify the future floods of reality
We are not really different from you
Restless arcane germ of the future
You leave as you came in still without prophecy
Nor seeking reflection or disgrace

Who are you? when you violently shake
With another promise empty of thought
No measure of time inverted

Who are you? snared in the realm of the tomb