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by Robert Halleck

Don’t think for a moment
you never forget how
to ride a bicycle
because you do.
I watched right there
right in front of Faneuil Hall.
She was laughing saying,
“Shit, the seat’s too high
I can’t brake.”
Laughing, laughing
laughing she hit
the parking sign.
As I passed the sign
she was still laughing.



by Robert Halleck

I was in the stands in Winston-Salem.
A summer night in 2001,
drinking beer
watching the bugs swarm the lights.
Watching the Warthogs
lose to Kinston
in a Single A struggle
thinking life is good,
doesn’t get any better.
The PA guy tells us
Wally the Warthog
has surplus t-shirts
five bucks
all sizes
down behind the home dugout.
That’s too good.
I join the crowd.
Wally is having a ball.
My turn and I get the XL.
“So, Wally, is this better
than the day job?”

“You’ll never know.”