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Derek Tastes of Earwax

by Rowan Taw

Cool mint clink of the beer glass,
he holds it up to the light,
spies the bottom with his eye,
and grabs the sloppy seaweed bar cloth,
then several turns inside the glass:

squeak – sharp

squeak – lemon

squeak – sherbet

glass shines as new
ready to receive
heady liquid hops.

Zinc tablet dribbles peter –
“‘Ere ya go, mate!”,
he lands the pint with
a chocolate thud.

He’s grown accustomed
to the taste-sounds
of his pub and his locals…
well, almost…

The door creaks soaply open,
the call goes out:
“‘Ow goes it, Derek?”
He tries not to cringe
at the earwax appellation,
mutters under his breath:
“Damn you wet nappies
There’s no need to shout…
certainly not THAT name?”

Note: Originally published by Rowan Taw