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What You Do.

by Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

Page after page
of moistened words I trace
with hands bearing blue
fingernails, chewed rough
from nervous clutches
of timely resurrections :

Stymied, I
sit between dank white
washed anxiety;
air decibels howling
in quietness, exploding
pixelate images :

Glue me apiece
to render me coherent
for short, sliced seconds
suturing sore sentiments;
watching from stilted orbs
like glowing stones :

Measure me in, width
or breadth, the box I’d fit
veins first – organs next
shaved from sides to size
wrapping inside out
to throw me away :


The lines around my eyes grow old

by Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

The lines around my eyes grow old
as the night begins to sing young.
I tell the nights to rock me gently
to sleep on their boughs of amnesia;
stoke me. I beseech you, hungry dark
hours to stop sipping me leisurely
into your maws of memories; eat
or swallow me whole to end torment
to my eyelids drooping with weight
of gravity. Let me sleep without guilt,
without vain.

Memory Jar

by Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani

I had an idea right out of the mist
like how a mole pops his head
through the hole that bore crops
it ate.

We can forget each other: I said
to my mind holding, cramming
thoughts about you it collected
over time.

It’s easy! I’ll start a memory jar
complete with a lid and label
that shall contain your every bit
of realness.

I had collected you far too many;
my mind became a clogged up
wreath of over spent festivities
lit up.

I began with the extractions
from chunks down to morsels
stocking you up; every piece
I’d sanctified.

The jar’s neck started to stifle
under boulders of cached details
I threaded out of a swarming bath
of repress.

I poured you out into freedom
of streams that snake to the seas
consuming you into deep pits; far
from me.

my mind’s aloft in cluelessness
as the chilly air creeps into vacant
crevices you once sealed; suspended
in sanity.