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The Last Ride

by Valerie Lewis

We are all riding

on the Karma Bus

It is always full but

Not with Corporeal forms

For we are just

Imagination and stardust

Ghosts and mote beams

light that doesn’t take up much room

and some get off the Bus faster than they

got on because they were the Young

And even in Death they are braver

than those who were old

And tired, in pain from it all.

Just wanting to rest their souls

in the comfort of No Time.

The Karma Bus is like

A Dial a Ride to

Heaven or Hell

That remains up to you still

where it leads you and

where you must stop in

the memories of Time in

your life.

Where you were wrong or right

Did you complete your mission or

like when you were at school did

you turn in the right answers if there

were lessons to be learned.

So we go around past the land of

Nod and where the Angels once

sang songs to those

who would listen.

When it’s time to get off the bus

The Karma Bus knows your stop.

Depending on what flashes

before you and

Time spent is thinking about your life so

The people don’t talk much

I suppose we could if

we wanted to, but why

bother when there is much

to think about and to

wonder if

She beckoned

would you be strong enough

To do all over again?


My Mistress

by Valerie Lewis

A life filled with wild emotion
Bitter fighting love filled memories
Of times best left alone without scars
Deep wounds scour my insides
As daily voices come and whisper tenderly
Of places and beings
Of the order of things that Karma has brought
Alone with friends
Alone with family
Alone in my head
I don’t fight them as some may or would
I am the Believer of no god, or goddess or faith that was printed in any book
I have read through those lines so long ago that time spent doing so
Means nothing except
A wasted dream perhaps best forgotten
I have a Mistress The One that controls the fears and feelings the tears and the blood of drowning drowning drowning
The Mistess that knows no time nor space for SHE has embraced me with
Such bitterness and pain that I am afraid to leave Her alone for what would
I become then?
Empty and lifeless until burned away and She will still find me
Cringing before her like a whipped cur, bareing my teeth to rip and tear at my self if ordered to do so.
To engulf my life in the blackness of it all if She demanded
And I can’t stop it, I cannot try
To ever deny or push and drive away, I would go mad without her
She is mine now I say and I put Her in a spot that
gets more attention than anything else
Because She is who She is and that won’t change ever
And I want it like that as She is
The most consistant thing I have


by Valerie Lewis

I sit pen in hand as

My Muse slowly waifs around me
Like a gentle djinn

that softly caresses my soul
Touching my mind,

planting a seed
Into the poem as slowly

And I watch it grow
As the words appear

I have time to see
A bit of what is to be

I’ve yet to know all
Sex, social issues,

Flames of violent

Sparkles of energy

Looking both ways

Up and down what way to go?
Let it just flow

Its self into me

Death, love, sad or happy

Things I know and

what my Muse may show
As he gently whispers

“What will you set free?”


by Valerie Lewis

It wasn’t surprise
because she knew and had
foretold to any and all who would listen
But no one had listened to her
No just like they had done before
Foretelling without an audience to whom
Would not listen to her paranoid vision
So much doubt
But she knew the truth
So she was angry because she had
Been ignored and that was common
too, and still there was
No surprise
for the call, the weeping at the other end of the
phone on her desk at work
About how her son had been killed
After, she was so angry that
Her blood would boil
in her veins and a knife in her Heart and tore
Her Soul into thousands of little
pieces tiny bites of anger, rage
Because it was all over now
So she couldn’t fucking care about the stares of disbelief
That she had known and what had come to pass
to remain the worst pain
any Mother could bear
And maybe time heals all wounds but she was
Different, so different
she had evolved in to someone else
And she never planned on
being so angry
So very angry
Beyond any scope
Of even her own vivid
imagination of that bitter morning
Where she had been told not to worry
Why worry when she knew it was
A moment in time
but too soon
Way too soon
She had been cheated, so had her son
Him most of all
So grateful that he went out
Having fun, but gratitude only goes
so far when the nightmare’s
come to light.

The Fortune Cookie

by Valerie Lewis

At 49 I have learned at last not to fight
What that message meant after 44 years
We had dined on Chinese food that night
I was scared to try it but minded my manners


The rice with vegetables and eggs, Meat too small to see
The red colored pork, wow what could that be?
Dipped in ketchup and dragged through sesame seeds
But best of all? The Fortune Cookie


Thin and crisp, not too sweet and folded at an odd slant
With a Fortune inside to be read just for me
“After you eat all of your dinner” warned my Aunt
So I cleaned my plate up quickly


With a smile she broke the cookie and frowned
Small bits of cookie had broken, my cookie crumbled
Anxiously I waited for my fortune to be read aloud
“May you live in interesting times” she mumbled


I will always remember that night of warning
Like I was being told of things not to touch
A first in a large amount of fortunes swarming
As “Interesting” meant so very much


It meant unbridled happiness crushed
Children too young taken away from me
Knowing that I will never have very much
It means that Fate must happen, don’t you See?