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Before This Night is Through

by Z.M. Wise

Well, we’ve all had lives of death.

The fire clears the
path of doubt we have
within our soul minds.

Lead the way, hyper vessel of hope.
Perhaps you think you’re still dreaming,
with your thighs, so non-resistant and
lips blushing so red.

Before this night is through,
I’d like to kiss you.
A moment of soft passion
with both palms touching,
our lips meeting and greeting.

The night is officially complete.
Off we descend to our silk sleep covers,
naked and remaining still
for some number of hours.

Rewind the night
into the day.
Like the sun that is solar,
start all over.


Reverse Madness Method

by Z.M. Wise

Indeed it is true…
How the psyche works.
How we think,
how we talk,
how we move.

What plan did we instigate?
What part of the brain do we lack
to introduce sanity?

Blueprints of neighbors’ houses,
bloodstains of past victims.
No turning back…
No going back.

Reverse madness method…
Better than
Pavlov’s classic conditioning or
Freud’s wild theories.
Up there with Nietzsche.

Think like a demigod.
Create thoughts.
Destroy fair game.

You already have the body and
the single-celled brain.
Execute your plan and
release the mad beast within.

I think
you’re ready, now.

Being As She Was

by Z.M. Wise

It is quite the night for aerial hurt.
A melody of darkest temptation,
wolves belt out their song.

The everlasting one rises.
Fog drapes her hideous form,
a lurching terror.

Her velvet hair flows over
semitransparent pale shoulders,
and her full fiery lips part halfway
to taste the red liquid under her.

Now a brand new night of
the next chapter of my life,
she awakens.