A Girlfriend for Prufrock

by Ana Maria Caballero

A not small, not ugly, not quiet, unclumsy gal,
Prone to corners, hiccups, sauces and wine.
Occasionally invited,
But, as a guest, addressed only once and not by all.

A woman-child without absolute truths,
Inclined to sit straight, stand slumped and steal stares.
Intuitively clever
But, in delivery, too eager with wit, too late with flare.

The not-lady, not-graceful, not-charming you,
With a lonely métier she says is best left for two:
To self-involve the self-eschewed
In the hollow of a silver spoon.

4 thoughts on “A Girlfriend for Prufrock

  1. thank you for stopping by … great entry though i’d say to her, ” great things come in small packages” being i’m 4’9″ but I agree, clever

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