Saturate My Roots; Let Me Breathe Again

by Kara Emily Krantz

Regrowth is necessary.

I must dig my roots deep into the earth.

Delve into the hidden layers of the world
and seek sustenance
for my sorrow.

I will saturate the sunshine slow.

Drink of the rain with deep, hungry gulps.
-rediscover a few pieces of eternity-

I will allow some time

for the tears to soak into the surface of my skin.
(wait for my lungs to breathe the air in)

With time, the budding bosom
of my passions
will heal.

I will wait with the patience of a petal in the night.

(I will only unfold
with the return
of the light)

Until then, I will lay latent

with the gentle grace

-allow the moisture in the air to saturate my skin-

I will strip myself of the scars
healing around

my heart.

and glimpse -once more-
my secret, hidden soul.

Embrace the pieces that make me whole.

My regrowth will be a process
of patience, and of pain;

A quest for the sunlight,
mixed with a desperate need for rain.


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